Amelia Pascoe

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About Amelia Pascoe:


Principia. 2014. Sterling silver, 22ct gold-plated brass, brass, 18ct gold, paint, rock.

Trained in the sciences, and with a long work history in science-based organisations, I formally embarked on my artistic career in 2010. I graduated from Whitireia New Zealand in 2012, with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design, majoring in contemporary jewellery.

My work tends to be project based, with each new collection centred around different ideas, medium and approaches. My work straddles the boundaries of object and adornment, and the allure of things elusive has been a recurring theme. I am fascinated by the creative process; the relationships between craft, design, applied and fine arts; the integration of structured thought and research, with intuition and play; and the potential presented by different modes of presentation. 

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Occupation: Artist

Handshake 3 – A statement of intent


Tread softly. 2015. Used shoe inner soles, brass, tape

Through Handshake2 I was exploring new ways. My aim to work more intuitively, to be open to ideas that came but not to be owned by them, to explore unfamiliar materials, to embrace the beauty of the imperfection, and to take some risks. I threw myself at this challenge, and over the 18months of the programme started to develop and refine a new visual language.

Through Handshake3, I intend to continue down this path, investigate the potential for combining this new way of working with my pre-existing practice, and extend these lines of exploration to installation.


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