Jewellery? It’s all in your perspective. The inter-relationships – connections and tensions – between science and art have been an ongoing source of inspiration. Not just the disciplines, their immediate concerns and broader contexts, but also how together they affect the way I think about and operate in the world. My studies in contemporary jewellery…

Channelling my inner Dionysus

The Reservoir by Terrence Rosenberg is a very exciting paper exploring the differences between scientific (Apollonian) and poetic (Dionysian) research methods – a source of ongoing inspiration and intrigue for me – and the critical role each has to play in creative practice. Working hard to channel my inner Dionysus.

Before s*** started getting crazy

…both inside and outside of the workshop  (thank you Katie Brown for the inside excitement!!) – photo credits: Katie & Brierley DAY ONE… DAY TWO… State of emergency in Whanganui put paid to studio plans today. Far more important things for people to be worrying about. I will return though! (photo credit: David Unwin, Fairfax)