Sarah Read

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About Sarah Read

Depending on mood and circumstance, I am:

  • a jeweller, or
  • a jeweller and an artist, or
  • an artist

I’m also a care support worker and a trail runner.

About my work

My practice is built on paradox and contradiction.

First, despite my social reticence, I am irresistibly drawn to projects involving collaboration or third-party participation.

This Too at Joyaviva Opening Sydney 1

This Too at Joyaviva Opening Sydney 2

This too at Masterworks 2011 300 dpi

Above: This Too Shall Pass, fundraiser, 2011-ongoing

And second, despite my avowedly anti-consumerist stance (enough stuff, already), I am also driven to make…stuff.


Above: Drawings for jewellery, 2015

Me and Handshake – the story so far

Being part of Handshake 1 was a transformative experience for me. Before the project began I had injured my hands, and my jewellery future looked bleak. However the Handshake exhibition schedule allowed for no down-time, so from 2011-13 I developed a series of conceptually-based projects which entailed minimal making and where the jewellery often served an idea that extended beyond the gallery.

Sarah Read Free Time ad comp


Home Help by Viv Atkinson

Above: Free Time: a spare pair of hands in Christchurch (2012)
Home Help service badge by Vivien Atkinson

Iris Eichenberg mentored me with sensitivity and generosity; in particular the 5-weeks immersion in her Masters’ program at Cranbrook  will continue to inform my work for years to come.

The interlude at Cranbrook also revealed my desire for a learning-focused collaborative environment and sowed the seed for the shared project space/crit group OCCUPATION: Artist.  Since 2013 O:A members have supported eachothers’ professional development, exhibited widely, travelled to masterclasses and conferences, hosted local and international artists in the studio and participated as a group in art and jewellery events.

Parking Day Wellington - 10 - Golden Section - Occupation Artist



Above:Golden Section, Parking Day  Wellington 2016 (with Occupation: Artist)

My plans for Handshake 3

For 2016-17 I plan to focus on consolidating my making practice alongside my more conceptual work. Thrillingly, Liesbeth den Besten has agreed to collaborate for the Objectspace show, and we are both excited to find out where this will take us.

liesbeth comp

Liesbeth with This Too Shall Pass, Munich 2016

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