The Handshake 3 investigation of ‘collaboration’  opened up broad possibilities.First of all, there was a special organised. First of all, there was a special organised masterclass workshop with Hilde de Decker, who workshopped the idea of collaboration.
That did inspire new ways of collaboration, shown with former mentor and/or new collaborators as the context for deeper exploration for the exhibition at Objectspace  (July 2016). The Handshake 3 makers pioneered both experimental contexts and working methodologies. Also Kim Paton, Objectspoace’s brand new director was in the mix.  The exhibition result was both exciting as challenging. The audience only saw a snippet of the process and further knowledge was needed to appreciate the work in full. The Objectspace HS3 catalogue as well the book Contemporary Jewellery in Context: a Handshake Blueprint assisted in that. 
Their second collaboration was with London-based group Dialogue Collective with their teaser project: 7-day challenge that set the tone for their special developed exhibition project: It will all come Out of the Wash for Munich Jewellery week 2017 at Lot62.

One of the highlights for HS3 was the collaboration with Dowse curator Sian van Dyk and the Dowse’ setup team in the museum exhibition: HANDSHAKE3:REFLECT: 05 Aug – 03 Dec 2017.

Eight artists from Handshake 3 and four from Handshake 4 collaborate with “Dialogue Collective” during the Oceania 2019 event at the Crypt gallery: 22 – 28 October 2018.