The Handshake 3 investigation of ‘collaboration’  opened up broad possibilities.First of all, there was a special organised.First of all, there was a special organised masterclass workshop with Hilde de Decker, who workshopped the idea of collaboration.That inspired in using the ‘collaboration process’  with former mentor and/or new collaborators as the context for deeper exploration for the exhibition at Objectspace  (July 2016). The Handshake 3 makers pioneered both experimental contexts and working methodologies. The exhibition result was both exciting as challenging. The audience only saw a snippet of the process and further knowledge was needed to appreciate the work in full. The Objectspace HS3 catalogue assisted in that.

Their second collaboration was with London-based group Dialogue Collective with their teaser project: 7-day challenge that set the tone for their special developed exhibition project: It will all come Out of the Wash for Munich Jewellery week 2017.
Their last collaboration will be with Dowse curator Sian van Dyk for their final HS3 exhibition: REFLECT: 05 Aug – 03 Dec 2017.