OBJECTSPACE, Auckland, 9 July  – 13 Augustus  2016

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Handshake 3 at Objectspace, Auckland – Collaboration exhibition.

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PLATINA gallery, Stocklholm, 17 September –15 October 2016:

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 Handshake 3 at Platina Gallery, Stockholm (focus on new work) including a JEWELtalk at the Konstfack, Stockholm and at the Art Academy in Tallinn, Estonia (20 September).

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FRAME galleries, Handwerksmesse, Munich: 8 – 14 March  2017  (Munich Jewellery Week)

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 Handshake 3 Concept and Conception 

HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE Onstage (Sat 11 March 2017, talk Peter Deckers) – Handwerk Onstage hall B1.

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LOT 62, Munich, Munich 8 – 12 March 2017 (Munich Jewellery Week):

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HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE, “It Will All Come Out In The  Wash. Collaboration exhibition with the London-  based Dialogue Collective group. Lot62.    

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DOWSE ART museum,  5 August –  3 December, 2017:

HS jewellery project, DOWSE


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Handshake3: reflect   The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt this exhibition includes a specific brief and focus on new work.

handshake 3: reflect

The provocation

The Dowse invited HS3 to contemplate given texts to help present their exhibition with a strong conceptual and critical grounding, revolving around the verb reflect.

Paradoxically, reflect can mean both to mimic and to cast back or respond, a useful metaphor when considering the collaborative mantra that has sat alongside the Handshake journey thus far.  For The Dowse exhibition, HS3 artists draw on connections between the term reflect and the self-reflexive nature of contemporary jewellery, which both embraces and counteracts with its traditional and commercial counterparts.

the Handshake brief or read more

At the opening, Handshake Project artist director Peter Deckers launched his Arnoldsche  publication: Contemporary Jewellery in Context: a Handshake Blueprint  (sneak preview)



October 2018

Collaboration project Handshake 3 and a few from Handshake 4 with London based “Dialogue Collective’

Terra in/cognita  – Te Ao hurihuri

during the Oceania 2019 event at the Crypt gallery: 22 – 28 October 2018


JEWELcamp strip