Dialogue Collective meets Handshake

DSC_1760 HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE “It Will All Come Out In The  Wash” (10-12 March 2017). Collaboration exhibition with the London-  based Dialogue Collective group.

LOT62-Schleissheimenr Str. 62, 80799 Munich.    

DC and HS

“It Will All Come Out In The  Wash”

 UK-based Dialogue Collective meets Handshake in a challenging jewellery collaboration project. Their blog keeps up with the unveiling of their (r)evolving relationship formed between two very distant islands. Their final wash of this joint venture took place during Munich Jewellery Week 2017. 

Event handwerk on stage hall B1 Handwerk Messe:

HANDSHAKE and DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE onstage (Sat 11 March 2017) talk Peter Deckers