bestowed tools

Living in an engineering family allows me to recognize the importance of tools and the ability to create tools that make making a little easier. A while back I also had an interesting discussion with jeweler Roy Mason about adapting what is accessible to create working supports in your studio. Not everything that helps you to make what you make needs to be an expensive piece of equipment bought with the direct or literal intention of its use value. Being an art jeweler doesn’t only encourage innovative making of your own designs but also innovation to make tools that help construct your work.

As well as making your own tools, the engineering family creates constructive discussion about how to make. Experience, collective knowledge and awareness are shared from the varying, individual engineering fields we sit within. Techniques, tools and know-how are exchanged and gifted.

The engineering family has contributed indirectly with the work I am currently making. The latest hinges for some of my Platina pieces, swivel as well as pivot. Making these and the pins has been eased by two tools. One is a tube cutter, gifted to me by my husband when I was studying. A tool he just had lying around and felt I would find more use for. The second, my son Royd made for me after I created a Marquette and some drawings for a tool that I could use to quickly and simply make flat headed pins.

Have a look at this video of Roy in his studio from Wunderruma and Auckland Art Gallery. If you look attentively you will see tools I am sure he has made.



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