Becky Bliss

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I am a contemporary jeweller and a graphic designer, not necessarily in that order. A good day is when I work both ends of my studio.

As it must, my design background informs my practice with materials, shapes, textures and colour.

My Handshake Journey

My Handshake 1 mentor was Fabrizio Tridenti, from Vasto in the east of Italy. He has agreed to take part in the HS3 collaboration.

A selection of Handshake 1 work follows:

becky blissPx3

BB strip 2

Since Handshake 1 I have had several group and solo shows, the most significant being Penumbra, which was accepted into Schmuck 2015.

Penumbra breastplate

I am a member of the Wellington-based contemporary jewellery group called occupation artist. As part of Radiant Pavilion in Melbourne in 2015, I started experimenting with badges.

OA RP group

I used the badges as a small canvas and experimented with materials, colour and textures.