Putting a stake in the ground

The first Handshake show in July (Objectspace, Auckland) is a collaboration. Many of us are collaborating with our mentors from HS1 and HS2. Others are working with someone new. I am very excited to be working with Ruudt again. As part of the HS3 submission process, applicants were required to put in a proposal for collaboration. Overall feedback from the selection panel on the proposals received was that they were too general. We were therefore encouraged to have worked up something more specific in time for the inaugural Jewelcamp (30-31 Jan) and Hilde de Decker masterclass (01-04 Feb), the latter of which was focused on ‘Collaboration’ and all that that might in entail.

Here is my stake in the ground…

My working title is On the Origin Species. My intention to use (pseudo) scientific methodology to document the evolution of a new body of work. I see this as a longer term project that has a life beyond the collaboration/Objectspace show. In terms of the collaboration, Ruudt has provided an image as the starting point for evolution, and can influence the process by introducing mutation events along the way. Our intention is also to work together on ideas for installation. I like the idea that the documentation of the process could be as much a part of the presentation as the work itself.

To read the full proposal, including its genesis (oooh ‘genesis’ an interesting choice of word, and a nice counter to the idea of evolution) click on the images below



_DSC0002-v2 _DSC0011 _DSC0007



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