Current obsessions

Here are some things that are occupying my headspace at the moment. They may or may not feed into future projects.

Hilde de Decker’s sublime Mirror and Flycatcher pieces, which were shown at AVID for the duration of Jewelcamp (thanks Jude Carswell for the images):


HdeD at Avid 2

My ongoing collection of books with gilt-edged pages (this was the first I found, July 2015):


This beautiful work by Leon Ferrari, Union Libre ( A Poem by André Breton embossed in Braille on a Photograph), 2004:

leon ferrari

This recent Occupation: Artist piece, Golden Section, created for Parking Day; a timely reminder that fun is a vital component of any project, that everybody loves gold, and that I do in fact enjoy public interaction:

Golden Section-6665


The process of casting; working with wax, hot metal and serendipity..

brooches comp

This haunting piece What I am Looking At by Marie Shannon, currently on show in Wellington’s City Gallery as part of Julian Dashper and Friends:


You can see the entire piece here:

The exchanges with Liesbeth, my collaborator for the Objectspace exhibition. Each email is a feast; here’s an image from one of the first:

1a. piece de resistance

My urban gardening project; new territory for me, and it’s a little ironic that I have come to it at this point in my life when my only outdoor space is a deck. I am unskilled but keen; supported by the expert advice of my consultant (aka my mother), I am hoping to attract pollinators and grow basic herbs and salad greens, maybe even a lemon or two.

urban garden

Urban life in general. After 2 years living in the central city I am becoming more aware of the various subcultures that occupy the streets simultaneously but separately, each tribe remaining all but invisible to those outside the group. The first time this occurred to me was during Radiant Pavilion in Melbourne last year; we jewellers were swarming everywhere, doing our shiny jewellery things, but causing barely a blip on the radar of non-jewellery-attuned citizens who crossed our path. There’s a kind of poetry and special beauty in realising that that intensity of passion exists in other groups too; I’m currently enjoying – as a spectator – parkour (street running) as practiced in Wellington by the Architecture Appreciation Society (images lifted from their blog):

parkour aas 02

parkour aas 04



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