My life in a week / a week in my life

In my teens I had a job delivering morning newspapers. Weekends were the heavy days; I can still feel the trough those lift-out supplements carved in my shoulder. One Sunday magazine carried a feature  called A Life in the Day of…, where a person of interest described their day, revealing through their habits, interactions, hobbies and a couple of nicely-staged photographs something of the flavour of their life. I loved this article and part of my routine was to straddle my bike out of sight of the house that was to unknowingly receive a slightly-used publication and rest up for a few minutes with the public figure of the week.

Handshake3 and Dialogue Collective, jewellery groups from opposite ends of the planet, are hatching a bold plan to show together in Munich, March 2017. As a getting-to-know-you exercise we each committed to share an image recording our whereabouts at a given time twice a day for a week. The results are captured to a blog:

Here are my images. Based on the premise that we are what we repeatedly do, they can be seen as a kind of self-portrait.

Day 1, April 1: Friday morning: In recent weeks my corner of the studio had become a no-go zone, with barely floor-space to stand in. I could say this is indicative of my tight schedule, but more truthfully it reflects my inner turmoil regarding my practice…(to make or not to make…. ). This is the start of the clean-up; I am hoping mental clarity will follow.


Friday evening: A pot-luck dinner, in honour of the lovely visiting jewellers of Adelaide’s Gray Street Workshop. Uncharacteristically I stayed on beyond initial hellos: Sarah 1, social anxiety 0.


Day 2, April 2: Saturday morning: As Saturday girl at AVID gallery I get to open up, welcome the punters and collectors and on a good day persuade them to take cool things home. (The gallery is much lighter than this – new to Instagram, I fall victim to the filter thing) #newbie.


Saturday evening: final dog-walk of the day (in fact I had to set my phone alarm to stay up to take this photo)


Day 3, April 3: Sunday morning: Getting there with the studio tidying. Also some progress with mental clarity. Can’t stay though – time for the pack (me, husband Noel, dog Winnie) to dash up the coast in a borrowed car for lunch with my mother.. It’s a while since I was reluctant to leave this space, so I take that as a win.

READ-0304-MSunday evening: All is quiet on the street.


Day 4, April 4: Monday morning: early shift – 6.45-10am – at Argo Trust, where I have been a Care Support Worker for 6 years now. This misleadingly peaceful breakfast-time shot cuts out the table-top detritus 🙂


Monday evening: Argo Trust, back on shift 3-11pm. For reasons of privacy  it’s not possible to portray the close contact with the residents whom it’s my privilege to assist through dinner and bed-time cares, but  I love my job and never for one second do I miss my former corporate role (#thoughalivingwagewouldbenice). And as you can see, as with jewellery so with life; the devil is in the details:


Day 5, April 5: Tuesday morning. Tuesday is Whiti day. This year I am Visual Arts’ Artist in Residence, which means I get to hang out in the Whitireia jewellery workshop (and use the casting equipment). Here’s me waiting for my ride..


Tuesday evening: quiet night in with the pack. Here’s Winnie, aka Head of Security, snuggled on the couch #winniethepoodle.


Day 6, April 6: Wednesday morning: I dress as usual in my running gear, but two hours later am still there at the laptop, researching for my collaborative project.

READ-0604-mWednesday night: another evening shift #kindofaselfiewellalmost


Day 7, April 7: Thursday morning: The luxury of a whole day at the studio. I forget how constant are my themes and obsessions: cast brooch of 4 months, meet stitching made 4 years ago..

READ-0704-mThursday evening: heading home after a blissful day of playing with wax and clay. The studio clean-out worked! Shut up and make..




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