Spoiler alert

One of the stated purposes of the Handshake blog is to give readers an insight into our creative processes. How much to divulge without killing any potential intrigue? In this entry, I thought I’d present some of the influences and thought processes that led to this series of photographs.


If you would rather not know, read no further. I wouldn’t if I were you (now there’s a philosophical dilemma)…

I had been thinking about the artist as a creator and the process of developing a new body of work. Not a single, discrete act of creation, but the result of a series of steps that can be influenced by a myriad of conscious and sub-conscious inputs. Sometimes small steps. Sometimes giant leaps. Sometimes logical. Sometimes illogical. A winding non-linear path. An ongoing process that is never really complete. Often slow! A viewer on the other hand only sees the final output, and what the artist chooses to divulge. Generally less is more.

Photography is a medium that I have used a lot in previous work – white background (and shadows) in this series.



Shadowlands (2011)


An image from a series of photos that I took in my student days at Whitireia exploring the allure of things elusive – there is the hand.


Experimenting with photography (2012)

Michelangelo The creation of Adam from the Sistene chapel. It’s that hand again and in the context of creation.


Wellington City Gallery Bullet Time exhibition – artist Stephen Carr. For his use of minimalist background, colour, hands, and painted nails.


Screen Shots (2011) – Slow motion capture of burst paint-filled balloons



Watermelon – Exploding a watermelon using multiple rubber-bands

Serendipity – via complementary painted nails the day I was to embark on a photo session. As painted nails never last long on a jeweller it seemed right to make the most of them. I asked for bright yellow, but there was none. Convertible Mint (that fabulous mint green) was the next best option.



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