Documentation challenges

Photographing, drawing and writing about each piece is time consuming!

These things cannot be rushed. However, I can’t help but be conscious of looming exhibition deadlines. To this end, I remind myself that what I choose to show needs to represent a step in the evolutionary process – not the final destination.

While still committed to the cause, I have been looking at faster ways of capturing developments so as not to block the flow with too much stop-starting.

Enter Instagram. I’m currently trialling a private site that for now I am only allowing Ruudt to see.


In Handshake2, the best way for me to share information/developments with Ruudt was via the blog. Instagram seems like a much quicker, timely and more efficient way of achieving the same end – and in a less public forum. It also allows me to be a bit more selective about what I put out there to the world.

Initially the ease of process sped me up too much. Little to no reflection on one piece before embarking on the next.

Now working on slowing myself down, but I’m still cheating. I’m making and remaking, and then going back to draw, photograph and write. Sometimes I skip the draw phase, and often the write. How incredibly unscientific of me!


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