Meteors from Space

Meteors – just stick a pin in them and call them a brooch.


Meteor Shower brooch pin cluster


Meteors installed, image credit Peter Deckers


Meteors From Space installation at Platina, Sweden.

My installation at Platina was an adventure into 2d/3d space. I thought making the scatter of 100 Meteors look random would be easy if I started with the smallest ones and progressed up to the longest ones.  This was reasonably successful – up close there is texture and randomness and the shadows play nicely together. Zoomed out though, I wish I had had another 30 or 50 meteors to put in there to give a thickness and light effect.  Not sure what to call that, but to me they look too evenly spaced and polite. Something to think about if I install this again…

Overall I was very happy with the installation and I got great feedback from very special people.



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