“It’s fully resolved I just cant remember it”

On our first day in Stockholm in September last year for the Handshake3 Platina show Raewyn Walsh, Sarah Read and I enjoyed a delicious lunch and two glasses of wine outside a lovely little restaurant in Gamla Stan.

The conversation turned to a crit session of ‘where to now’ and ‘where to for The Dowse show in July’.  I said I wanted to something with the video works that I had started dabbling with in 2013 with the “Snow Brooch” and explored a little more with “The Artist Attempts To Observe The World From Jewellery Eye View” but hadn’t really capitalised on after that. The ideas started to flow – as they do – and my Dowse exhibition project was born; “It’s fully resolved I just haven’t made it yet” (world famous Occupation:Artist saying).

Until today I thought that the brilliant ideas we discussed about my videos during this liquid lunch were lost forever as the next day Raewyn, Sarah and I were very foggy on the details and could only remember something to do with only seeing eyes behind a burqa. While fully emptying my suitcase for my trip to Munich on Saturday I came across the receipt for the most delicious crayfish pasta you could ever hope to eat and notes scribbled on a napkin.gamla stan idea.jpg

It says something about projecting the gaze on objects like Tony Oursler I think.  I am pretty sure there was a lot more to the plan than this, but oh well, this is a start.

I had of course packed my mini projector already, but since seeing this note from futures past, I have loaded 2 more very recent Dowse jewelleryness experiment videos onto my iPod.  It will be a great chance to see how they are perceived by a jewellery crowd.  As they are filmed on a black background I think it will just project me running around like a fool.



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