The Phenomenology of Jewellery(ness)

The opening of the ‘Handshake3: Reflect’ exhibition at The Dowse signals the end of Handshake3 which prompted me to look at where I was at at the beginning – at the HS3 Jewelcamp in February last year.

According to my Jewelcamp powerpoint presentation, I was on a mission to make jewellery with less than one component. Is this where I have been and where I am now? Yep, kind of.

I have been studying the phenomenon of jewellery, but more specifically, jewelleryness.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.44.43 PM

This video shows my attempts to capture the vibe of the thing.

Gallery install: Opening night for Handshake 3: Reflect August 04, 2017

Photo by Mark Tantrum


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