Late night Munich brain waves

I have noticed many times that there is a phenomenon amongst jewellers to swarm around new things – those things that are available en masse, usually for free or not that much – like the pink Ted Noten piggie rings, the Nana Melland aeroplanes or the gold perspex squares that emerged at the Handwerksmesse last Saturday thanks to the MAD pixel jewellers. I saw the first gold square and admired how it pivoted on the spunky boy’s chest. I saw another one and started to take notice. Then another, then another. Of course I had to get one, but where from?! The fear of missing out is strong.

An idea has been bubbling along in my head to do with the long tailed orange strings that I have been using to carry my new slugs following Hilde de Deckers dislike of strings. Spurred on by a discussion with Raewyn about her highly complimented slug that was allegedly said to be ‘just perfect’ by a very important person, I came up with a late night scribbled installation plan for the Handshake3 Platina show.

It is fully resolved, I just haven’t made it yet…

platina plan


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