Rapid prototyping

With 2.5 weeks to go before the 30th anniversary show at Masterworks I decided my meagre offerings had the potential to become a test drive for my Platina plan so I set about melting some blobs in rapid succession.

I had only made 7 objects for this show originally so needed to melt down an ugly 220g pendant from the last Masterworks ‘Chain’ show to get more material to work with. I was aiming for 30 including a few free strings.

30 slugs and monsters

There is a huge element of chance in each slug. Pour size, gravity and the burn of the previous slug change the carbon block each time. This method produces a nice 2 tone object that doesnt look much like silver.

After thoughts:

Making 30 objects (26 actually to make room for 4 free strings) was harder than I thought. Trying to think up inventive ways of stringing for each one soon turned into a small selection of similar ways. Mass production and individuality do not lay well together.



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