Aaaaaaaand … we’re off

What a dream start to the year; the Handshake 3 Jewelcamp. We got to hang out together (a treat in itself) for an extraordinary week of jewellery immersion, including a workshop with Sofia Björkman, Swedish jeweller and gallerist extraordinaire


(Sofia’s Platina gallery will be hosting our work in Stockholm later this year), followed by a Masterclass with Belgian jeweller and educator Hilde de Decker.

HS 3 Masterclass-0518

As an introduction to our practice we each delivered a 7 minute presentation (you can read mine here: 01-sarah-read-7-min-presentation-notes-really final Hint: To read the text, in Powerpoint, select View/Notes Page).  

There followed four intense days of discourse,  debate and experimentation.


For me the high point was also the most challenging; the series of hour-long crit sessions where we each had the luxury of Hilde’s and the group’s interrogation of our body of work to date and our plans for the upcoming exhibitions.

sr crit cropped



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