Back from the Beyond………

2016-03-14 08.31.05Since coming back from Munich I am intrigued by the random objects that I have been finding over the last week on our dining room table. I so love having a husband and son’s that all work in engineering fields that just keeps astonishing me with the cross-overs into my practice. The latest ‘surprise’ on our table was a Arbour Press that my son Royd made last week. I spent most of Sunday afternoon hassling him about what it was and what it was for, to be told it is for ‘broaching’. So,  I went on YouTube and searched both ‘broaching’ and ‘Arbour Press’ and was delighted with what I found; A clip on using an Arbour Press to literally press metal into wood! And also one used for stamping into jewellery. As you can imagine I started getting very excited and tried to convince him to give it to me – my fingers are crossed as he lectured me on not letting it rust and anyway, I just love looking at it – oh the objects of my desire and for the love of sons!



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