The HS3/DC Collaboration

As part of the Handshake 3 programme there are 4 exhibitions across the next 2 years. Two revolve around collaborations. The first focuses on the individual collaborative projects organised and driven by each handshaker, to be shown in July at Objectspace in Auckland. The second is a group effort between the handshakers and the London group Dialogue Collective. It’s a work in progress and so far each of the 28 participants have recorded – through images – where they are at or what they are doing/seeing at the exact same time, morning and evening. Click on this link for the group’s results, and here are some of mine:

We think we know ourselves well enough but I was surprised to look through all the other images and see that on the whole, people were absent from most participant’s sets of images, whereas humans and their activity were the central focus of mine.


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