To tell or not to tell?

Something I have been reflecting on recently…

My favourite works of art are those I don’t immediately understand. Generally, there will be something that draws me in that makes me want to try – and in that attempt whole new worlds, appreciations, or perspectives are opened up to me. Other times I accept that I will probably never really ‘get it’ but something (the good, the bad or the ugly) is triggered in me that keeps me thinking, wondering, questioning for a long time after the experience is over.

Not far below the surface is also the fascination with how an earth the artist got there.

The question is, how much would having this knowledge up front affect my connection to the finished works?

One of the key pillars of the Handshake programme is the blog – which is all about documenting and communicating the process. On top of that I have gone and set up a frame where (at least at this stage) the process potentially IS the work.

QUESTION: What and how much of the process to share, while still leaving room for intrigue down the track? Perhaps in this case, the intrigue is really about where (if anywhere) this is all going to end up. This is all a bit of an experiment and I’m as much in the dark as anyone, so know I’m curious!




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