Legend of the Pounamu Fish

a Documentary

Stories, myths, legends are the backbone, the heart of a culture, with heroes and heroines, great deeds, adventures, incredible skills, risk, bravery and great rewards.  Passed on through the generations; legends grow and develop their own physicality and personality through each retelling and tellers interpretation.  Our Ancestral connection through whakapapa makes the stories even more personal and thus more powerful.  Te Reo – the Maori language developed as an oratory based language, the ability to retain stories and pass them on was the basis of a rich oratory history.  Therefore, history and legend were one, objects, places, people retained the knowledge and were recalled in the tales and their importance recognised.

I place great importance of story telling in my work, through language, material, origin and design I give the audience an entry into my world.  Stories give a rich tapestry, a window into a culture you may otherwise skim over or undervalue.

Therefore, it is through story telling and legend making that I want to explore my work at ObjectSpace. karl and ika

Karl and the Fish!! shooting video at secret location somewhere..

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is my second go at my propsal for objectspace and it has been an


I have never really edited a video or tryed that hard at making one! so it was always going to be a bit amatuer which is part of the allure?!

I managed to coerse Karl into being my lead for the video and showed him my storyboard for our fabulous story.  The legend of the Pounamu fish began!


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