Simryn Gill – identity and words

Images and extracts from ‘Crackle & Splat,’ essays on contemporary Australian artists, as seen here.


Siren Gill. from the series Dalam 2001, type-C photograph; from the series Dalam 2001, type-C photograph

‘As sociologists attest, we are individuated in the production and consumption of infinite differences………… Identity is the accretion of this detail, the array of choices, the intricate web and careful arrangement of one’s stuff, the stories we tell, the things we make, the words we choose. But equally, what we choose to discard and what’s left unsaid or edited out – a word out of context, the subject removed from his or her home or workplace – might tell a similar story, only in stark contrast, in the space (or absence) left behind.’


Simryn Gill. Untitled 2006, books (photo: Andrew Dunkley)

‘….people’s favourite or special words transformed into a necklace, like so many pearls of wisdom.’


Simony Gill. Ikebana Guide Book for Beginners (Japan, Shufunotomo Co. Ltd., 1964) 2005, from the series Pearls 1999–, book pages, six strands of silk


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