Hafa Adai!!


Nga mihi ano,

I have been away at the Festpac 2016, the Pacific Arts Festival which was held in Guam for the last 17 days.  What an intensely inspirational and invigorating time it was!  27 countries from around the Pacific participated with multiple arts deciplines and huge amounts of amazing people.  The place was electric and Guam was so hot and humid and weird and wonderful.  The Chamorro people were incredibe hosts all of the locals were so friendly and accomodating it was overwhelming hospitatlity!!  For more pictures and information check out the festpac 2016 pages!

Whilst I was in Guahan I managed to exhibit in the new Guam Museum with some of the other delegates from Aotearoa.  I was based at the Saggan Kottaran Chamoru cultural center, where we set up a working area outside and made work alongside some of the local carvers who were all women!!  The Center is a hub of activisim and cultural revitilisation, perfect place to hang out and listen and learn!



View from the Center!!  This used to be an old village site.


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