HS3 gets underway…

unspecified-12I began the HS2 project in 2014 with the aim of exhibiting as much as possible to accelerate my practice after a hiatus for parenthood. After more exhibitions, masterclasses and jewellery travel opportunities than I could count, I definitely feel accelerated. I determined that I am my first audience, but that I have a real commitment to producing work that keeps my audience broad – and includes men. I don’t have any rules about which materials or techniques I use, but I do aim to always have fun in my making, with ‘play’ having a fundamental or core role in my workshop and development process. The last two years in HS2 have also had a really positive impact on my teaching of the Whitireia jewellery degree, being able to pass on the things I’m learning is not only satisfying but also gives me opportunities to contribute to the Wellington and greater NZ contemporary jewellery community, something that feels important to me and to some extent also drives my practice. Leading on from this and into HS3, I’m hoping to build on particular aspects of my practice over the next two years including a website, publications and exploring the wearability (or not) of my work alongside the three shows lined up at Objectspace in Auckland, Platina in Sweden, The Dowse in Wellington and the collaboration with Dialogue Collective to take an as yet undefined form in Munich next year.


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