On Jewelleryness: TOUCH at Objectspace


In the end, our collaborative piece came together just as planned, so here’s the description I wrote for Objectspace.

On Jewelleryness: TOUCH

We aim to demonstrate jewelleryness rather than explain it. Outside, we’ll gild the window frame:


Inside by the window is a glossy black-topped table:


At first look the table top is bare, but when warmed to 27 degrees (touched or rubbed by hand) the black ink becomes transparent,


revealing papers strewn as if Liesbeth and I have been working there.

The papers are text and images from our 6-month correspondence. Together, obliquely, they tell a story, of jewelleryness and collaboration and the nature of human connection..


However they can’t easily be viewed at the same time, as the ink becomes opaque when it cools. The viewing experience is intimate, interactive and engenders a sense of wonder.


The idea is that once viewers realise there are images to be found they want to see more, so stay longer than the customary 15 seconds.

In doing so, they also unwittingly participate in a display, creating a subtle mini-performance/tableau, which is visible from within the gallery:



and from outside through the gilt-framed window:


Thus the viewers are showcased/revealed as the treasure/jewellery of the gallery.

It worked a treat, generating a mood of playfulness and a sense of fun:


Click the image below for a flavour of opening night (sound is good too):


One visitor really got into the office-party-photocopier vibe when the speeches were happening up at the front of the gallery…


This here is a breast print, and below..


Yup! … Opening night gold! 🙂

(Thanks for providing images, Kelly McDonald and Sandy Connon Photography)



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