6 weeks in a little shed – The Black Isle Research Residency

kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-2To facilitate the very necessary ‘loosening up’ process and keep my expectations manageable, I’ve decided to call my 6 weeks in a little shed in Corntown, Scotland, a Research Residency. In addition my (simple…) aim is to produce a small body of work to be exhibited at the second HS3 exhibition at Platina in September. I’ve broken the weeks into broad headings; Place and Tools, Materials and Research, Research and Play, to give myself  workable parameters and a less overwhelming place to start. This sounds a bit organised. My process is not usually this organised, but the useful thing about this blog is that it has helped with structure. Arranging words and images to clearly communicate has been helpful both to my practice in general and to my level of focus, but also a bit daunting and exposing. In the past I’ve not usually reflected on my process through the HS blog, so although counter intuitive to the loosening up business, it’s different to what I normally do and could prompt a wee bit of change. Apart from the headings, my plan is to travel to Scotland with clothes only so that I’m forced to harness resources at hand; time, space, location, community, culture, purpose, tools and materials. I’ll also be channelling Sarah Read’s very useful saying – “Shut up and make”, combined with Kirsten Haydon’s good advice – “Kelly just get on with it”…


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