Week 1 – Place

So my plan was to check the lay of the land and see what the location, available tools and materials and culture, prompts. After a week I’ve taken heaps of images of things that spark my interest for various reasons, from things around the garden to Bass Rock out from Edinburgh. So far there’s no particular theme but it’s important that I go back to my initial aim for orientation and a fixed point to reflect from – Right, stay loose and focus on research… and try not to get distracted by the coos, Highland that is.kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-4kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-5

Field across the way, first mountain from the left is Ben Wyvis, looks little but it’s a Munro (any of the 277 mountains in Scotland that are at least 3,000 feet high – 914 meters, spawning the hobby/pursuit/sport/annoyance of people trying to climb all of them… known as ‘Munro-bagging’).

View out, then in, from my little shed.kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-9kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-12

The (there’s only one) Corntown road and here’s the main vehicles to be seen on it.kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-11kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-19kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-18kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-17
kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-29kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-14kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-8kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-2 kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-13kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-27Hastily snapped image of gold and silver bug (micro moth family) – the jewellers moth! Bass Rock below, I’ve interpreted it as inspirational bird poo ‘painting’.