HSDC -Material review

Project 1 – Photos am/pm – April 2016




Project 2 – String of words, am/pm – April 2016

HS – Morning/light 
Lighten up / Soft haze / The sun rises over the range of hills, a ray hits the glass houses on the windowsill, fracting around the room. / bright / cupboard is bare / Diffuse / “Oh, what a beautiful morning with that wonderful feeling that everything’s going my way!” / Valley / Growth / 3L Budget milk homogenised standard everyday basics. / To early / (21/04) The sun sneaks in through the blinds / gleam of wet pavement / early / Light is an agent that makes every color. Reflection of the rays of light makes us see the colors. / Coffee…… coffee….. coffee coffee coffee……coffee!!!!/ Made in New Zealand. Made to last. 50 Sunshine Pegs. New Zealand’s favourite pegs. Super strong. High quality. Long lasting. Non-rust. Break resistant. / Damn cat / (22/04) stillness, interrupted by glare and tinny twinkle / quiet / Pink light this morning. I think that means rain. / Autumn: contentment / [A solid light film] exists only in the present: the moment of projection. It refers to nothing beyond this real time. It contains no illusion. It is a primary experience, not secondary: i.e., the space is real, not referential; the time is real, not referential. No longer is one viewing position as good as any other…every viewing position presents a different aspect. The viewer therefore has a participatory role in apprehending the event: he or she can, indeed needs, to move around relative to the slowly emerging light form. (Drawing with Light – Anthony McCall, 1974) / discomfort / Stream / The work involves installing new sewer mains… work will then proceed through the backyards of… it is expected to take approximately 4 weeks to complete… The hours of work will be… 8am to 6pm in private properties, Monday to Saturday. … / Potential / (23/04) late light means the onset of winter / I saw the full moon at dawn over the manukau harbour. / Radio NZ Kim Hill 9 to 12: no Kim Hill / Rich dark coffee in my ceramic cup / no relief / light / Crowd / Absolutely positively Wellington City Council. Me Heke Ki Poneke. Growing neighbourhoods stir fry mix: contains perpetual spinach, silverbeet and pak choi seeds. / Walking on sunshine / Hungry / (24/04) Banana smoothy zucchini fritters accent issues cockatoo island / The light shimmers on the water as we head to the South Island. / Fantails in the lacebark and a tui in the kowhai / remains the same / hello / Cocoon / We love you /  sunlight, associated with white or yellow, and thus gold / Noisy / (25/04) The warm sun on my back / Colouring in pencils. Rainbow bird / ANZAC dawn ceremony / if you need contraception – get a cat / Dusted rays of light / remember / Flutter / Health wellbeing. Skippy. Bounce into the day. / sunstruck / (26/04) da da / Free range eggs on organic sourdough / Crunch / Watties Full of Beanz / Figures, audit, reports, deadlines…….headache! / boots and cardi / run to not from /


DC – Morning/light 
Exhaust fan humming, yellow glow, breeze around my ankles, time to go. / Sleeping mask / reflection on a tragic loss / Messy hair / Blue police cordons outside. explain the noises of last night. The air is full of birdsong. The road now completely silent. This was to be a glorious day. but isn’t. Someone has lost their son. / A hangover is a bit like bringing in too much from the older day into the new one. / The piercing sun light and hearing the neighbours arguing has never been my favourite way to wake up. / Brush the teeth, make up on….and go go go!!!!! / CYCLE SHORTS / It’s exactly ten past nine / What?  This is not Berlin. / Green grass, blossoming magnolia tree…goats in the park?! / Sun and flowers / daybreak illusion /(21/04) Knackered / Will high-vis lady ever make it down the stairs in time for royal celebration? / Tea, tea and tea / God I need some coffee / Bubbling Rhubarb and Yogurt. / It’s happening again / Croaky goodbye / Invisible eyes. 6 muscles. Blip! Day begins / Mind the gap! / Blinds up, apron on, gulp of water / Shock and awe Commander in Chief Helicopters / Sunglasses, headphones, ipad, downloads. Ready for cross London commute. /morrow zone stylist / (22/04) Wet hair shoe laces done up, ready. / Friendly strangers welcome the day with a warm smile. / The lighter something is, the easier it is to darken it / A cup of tea and a Japanese biscuit to start off / My neighbourgh has a palm tree / Friday….finally….! / TGIF / Rain rain rain / Not today / Order of birdsong: 2-Tone blackbirds begin. Magpie cackles, someone else sings. A robin duet. Then nature ends & my day begins / Nothing purple to wear… except my appropriately regal DC sash. / prime time sun update / Three hour drive home  (23/04) It’s peanut butter jelly time!! / Croissant, orange juice, Darjeeling tea, cat on my lap: perfect. / Sweaty lay in / Clickety clackety train ride Hackney. / SUN! / Warm summer sun + cold winter wind = early spring morning / It’s a pink and blue day / From my kitchen looking East. A gnarled poplar provides a clue to a long lost river. Looking West down the valley of back gardens. A fig is pointing boney fingers at the cold sky / Day trip to Brighton / sunriser sun pics / Local builder wins 1st prize in ‘Shoes containing most holes’ category at local village fete / Yoga / What’s for brunch?? / (24/04) Still in bed…checking Twitter,Instagram and FB. Ok, go back to sleep again. / Sun’s sunshine shines / Christ, cornflakes again and a fucking again / Rustling shopping bags. / 5 more minutes / To my ear. this sleeping dog’s. gravelly snores. are the sweetest sound /  aurora original eos balm / How many people can you fit in a queue? / Slow / Having a day off thinking. / Another heavy body next to me. / Time for a ride…..! / (25/04) Gloomy day ahead / I just missed my bus. / Anzac biscuits. /  aurora original eos balm / The streets are paved with purple / Back to work / Sometimes we shout, but that’s no problem / Get off my radio. / grey outside and it’s hard to get going, drifting in and out of sleep. / Seizing the very light from day…/ OUCH………………………………………………………………… /  (26/04) Feels like 1degree this morning. Spring? Seriously? / Pass the Woodbines, darling / On the Hatton Garden run again / Do I have time for breakfast? Strawberries. / Let it snow! / “black holes can cough themselves into nothingness & all of history & memory may be an illusion” / Buoyant adventure. / Bright sunshine is met by squinting faces / Hey Ho, Let’s Go! / first blush block of the month


HS – Evening/dark 
Snuggle / Silhouette / I always welcome winter as a relief to the hot, until it becomes a reality!! / “ Claire de Lune, Debussy” / damp dewy darkness / Black is a metaphor of sorrow. A person in grief must be alone for a while to heal their pain. When the mourning is over a different person comes out of it, as if stepping out from behind a curtain. / Cave / Tell you what: Great New Zealand non-fiction. / Huge day / fading light, orange-blue sky  (2104) / Curtains drawn / The full moon peaks out behind the trees. / Black is an aspect of light: dark, temporary and sometimes unavoidable for self-expression. It helps one see things in a different way. / late / tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock / black / Lub-dub lub-dub lub-dub / Invitation. / Relief and joy bed time /(22/04) Full moon: surrender / memory of an image as i close my eyelids / Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad / discomfort / Safe / Panhead APA Super Charger. New Zealand Beer Engineers / Stillness ,time to look at moon / (23/04) Its dark but the carillon is blazing with ANZAC lights. / Bondi beach breeze bricks tapas sharks / TVNZ prime time: Briton’s got talent, Coronation Street / Dark malty beer in my pint glass / can’t get no / nightfall / Warm / Jewellery, territory, identity, domination, sex, and death. On and Off. / black or blue / Far to late / (24/04) ‘Found’ a jggs sticker in newtown at dusk / Days getting shorter / Autumn skies over Christchurch / on the up / Happy to live in a peaceful country! /  goodnight / Still / Health Basics. Made of New Zealand. Gel Formula. Huka Falls Rush. Invigorating NZ mineral salt & mint extract. /  hush now / Good book, one more page / (25/04) Opera house sunset. Szechuan beef. / Blinter / Loop the loop / Luminous fog / gone / Cocoa / Heavy assisted lift may be required bend your knees Qantas. / fear or dread or terror / (26/04) Enclosed / Of course I love you now go to your room! Strategies for raising toddlers to teens in New Zealand. / Starry starry night with a bad bad cold! / Dark cold and still / what becomes / enveloped


DC – Evening/dark 
As it gets dark and another day is almost done, I feel relieved and anxious simultaneously. / Dusk on the river wind burnt cheeks n sore feet. / Hot lemon / My eyelids are heavy / What a random day it was…..met David Beckham…as you do….then I went to buy some new potato for dinner! / While the potatoes roasted with pumpkins & garlic I had a sneaky bath / Alone in the universe / Pothole jumps out I front of unassuming commuters / Did I miss the sunset? / Fries with that? / “He was going to enjoy life within the limits of the discipline that he imposed and work hard. And today he was very happy because his children were coming in the morning.” / Bright lights big city / Out way too late for a school night / dusk dolphin /  (21/04) / Night comes creeping slowly over me / Dry itchy eye’s and a glass of white wine. / Caffeine overdose / Overnight stay at the vets. Will cost as much as a mini break. I now regret throwing that stick. he may regret catching it / Blankety duvet feels so nice…dive inside and dreams arrive! / City worker loosens his tie after a long day. / The moon over an noisy and chaotic street / There just aren’t the hours / Wel…..purple rain / Another icon gone / Am I being headhunted? / twilight bath bomb / Irate woman battles with unruly headphones / The sofa is where I shall spend tonight with the cat / (22/04) Ah. come on……. / “What a nice night for an evening” / Mmmmm Fish soup n glass of…. / GOOD NIGHT / Blinding wet headlights /  Family warmth / Is darkness different in a modern building? Does the patina of time create an atmosphere? / Putting words into our mouths / dark pale evening planner / Happiest person in the country spotted in Moorgate / car headlights / /(23/04) Mozzarella, risotto, red wine: bliss / Unstoppable yawning / Happy Birthday to my Best friend! / It’s was a blue day / Lights out. / First evening back home after his op & my dog is in his favourite spot by the fire. Neighbours come in to see how he’s doing. He’s doing well. / The night is as dark as my cat is black / Gentile cracking and glowing. / GoodNight Naturals / Content grandma enjoys swinging in the park whilst grandchild plays / Aking / He’s such an upstanding member of the community. / Gluten free vegan coconut and lime cake for Jan’s birthday / Yyyiiiikkkkk!yyyyiiiikkkkk!yyyyyiiiikkkkkkk! / (24/04) No idea what I am doing / Oh no…it’s Monday tomorrow… / It’s properly dark at nine. Time to watch Undercover. / sunset pic of the day / Cheese Board / Black and white / I am not going to make it for a run / Wembley! / Intense conversation in the kitchen. / (25/04) So cold. / Unexpectedly cold night / Illuminations N73 / I am just not in the mood / End of the day with friends in Waterloo / bath time with wine, tea tree and lavender / Brake lights : All that could be seen for miles / Hello?! Doctor?! I need help… / sunset pic contest / (26/04) Taleggio tart at a friends. / tea and milk biscuits. Nom nom. / Snow and flip flops… It must be spring at last. / It’s nearly May but it’s snowing in London!!! / Here’s a nighttime mix: burnt umber & ultramarine / Left smarting ! / Walkers advised to change shoes in the middle of the path / I hope no one ever finds out what I did at work today……… / Goodnighty 🙂 / sunset pics are lame

Project 3 – Video chain

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/185224462″>dc &amp; hndshk</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user7443644″>Darja Nikitina</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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