More stuff I coveted/collected/saw:

kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-26French chalk – for some inexplicable reason, I could have stared at this piece of chalk for a whole day – it had a lot of what Sarah Read would call ‘jewelleryness’ as did the watering can rose pictured.

kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-20Hand forged bolt from door with deliberate markings that matched other pieces from the same door lock.

kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-25kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-24kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-23kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-22Dingwall Sale and Auction Rooms (The Mart) is the place to be on Fridays  – hard to see all the good stuff on the tables because the population of Dingwall is blocking the view – but I had my eye on lot 269 – with beautiful old wood working tools, some broken and no chance of bringing the box back through customs without cost – but I was a fierce bidder and went back to my little shed triumphant. There will definitely be more trips to The Mart.kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-15kelly-mcdonald-jewellery-16


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