Have your say!!



Here it is a part of my work for the exhibition with DC.

‘Have your say!’ is an interactive display, the surgical gown is a blank pallet for all those that visit the exhibition to unpeg take from the line, make your mark with permanent pens.  Have your say about what is happening in the world, what annoys you, what drives you, what inspires you.  Social media is inundated with political, social and cultural content, thats posted, reposted, shared and updated,  we are reminded of our closeness our connectedness, our struggles that unite us and define us,  as the world becomes smaller and information is consumed and propelled at you at the speed of an eye flicker.

Have your say, leave your words, your thoughts behind.  The surgical gown is a symbol of our sterile, subjective, desensitised often impersonal connection with the online world and social media.  We click ‘like’ or ‘share’ for causes, petitions, political agendas that we agree with or think we need to support.  Yet,  have no physical presence, no real energy or intention for more contribution.  At the same time we are bombarded with so much of the worlds struggles and problems we forget about our back yard and whats going on there.

Have your say, in real time, on a real canvas, in person, make your mark.  From here to there and around the world, in any tongue, through action and reaction have your say!

At the end of the exhibition the gown will be worn and photographed, shared on social media and perhaps auctioned off to the highest bidder and with monies donated to a cause!


  Exhibition: HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE “It Will All Come Out In The  Wash” (10-12 March 2017, 12.00-19.00). Collaboration exhibition with the London-  based Dialogue Collective group.

LOT62-Schleissheimenr Str. 62, 80799 Munich.    

OPENING night: Thurs 9 March 2017 (17.00- 20.00)  

DC and HS

“It Will All Come Out In The  Wash”

UK-based Dialogue Collective meets Handshake from New Zealand in an exciting jewellery collaboration project. Follow the blog to keep up with the unveiling of their (r)evolving relationship formed between two very distant islands. Their final wash of this joint venture will take place during Munich Jewellery Week 2017. 

Event handwerk on stage hall B1 Handwerk Messe:

HANDSHAKE and DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE onstage (Sat 11 March 2017, 15.50 – 16.10)


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