TOUCH and PAUSE at Platina

pause cans platina comp

For July’s Handshake show at Platina  in Stockholm I collaborated with Kate Whitley, the photographer who shot the tabletop images for the Touch table.

The show coincided with the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, and we wanted exhibition visitors to experience the elation and surge of well-being that occurs at That Podium Moment.

We were inspired by a TED talk by Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are. It’s well worth watching.

amy cuddy

Cuddy describes how opening up your body in a Power Pose, in private, for 2 minutes changes how you feel and how you are perceived. This can make a difference to the outcome of a high stress situation such as an interview.

power pose.jpg

We photographed models standing confidently on gold stilts.

Before the images were shot, the models spent 2 minutes standing in a power pose. Our aim was to trigger the instinctive ‘mirroring’ response, so that viewers would unwittingly be prompted to mimic the models’ pose.

On Jewelleryness: PAUSE

At the gallery, two sets of stilts and two sets of round footprints faced the images, encouraging the viewers to pause in an open and stable stance and experience a corresponding lift in confidence, mood and well-being.



0pause 008comp2

0pause004 comp

On Jewelleryness: TOUCH

The Touch Table also made the trip..

platina opening night 002

and I was happy that Liesbeth could experience in person the fruits of our collaboration:

platina 03.jpg

platina opening night d


The Platina opening was a delicious event that lasted all afternoon and into the evening.

platina 01.jpg

platina 06.jpg

platina 04platina 05


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