Munich 1: Singing in a Dark Time

For It Will All Come Out In The Wash, the Handshake  3/Dialogue Collective collaboration  I teamed up with Wellington designer Greta Menzies.

It’s March 2017 and we’ve 800 mm of precious Munich Jewellery Week air-space…

What to send across the globe, in the face of all this crazy?
Something hopeful; something for the artists.

‘In a time like this it’s necessary to still create beauty, to still find joy’
(Singing in a Dark Time, Dougie Strang)

sr 01 voyager

Above: Voyager (serial-ownership garment, phase 1) by Sarah Read and Greta Menzies
100% organic cotton T-shirt, printed.

sr 02 the mother ship

rule number one ribbon

Above: The Mother Ship (Jeweller’s apron) by Sarah Read and Greta Menzies
Upcycled canvas, 100% cotton woven straps, printed ribbon label
Not for sale, but zero-waste apron pattern available for download here

sarah read hanging 02

install small craft

Above: Small Craft (Rule Number One)
Re-purposed business cards, left-over safety pins
Not for sale, but free to a good home – please take one

sarah read hanging 03

sr 04 install

sr 03 rule number one


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