Peg research

Pegs were once made by splitting a small branch or twig and tying the end together so it wouldn’t split all the way through. The peg  above was the first one I made and is black cherry and silver.

In the 1700s, the Shakers were credited with what we know as the Dolly peg. A simple one-piece peg made of a springy wood such as willow.

David M. Smith invented the two-piece peg with a spring in around the 1850s.

Spring peg

These 2 basic pegs are still around today. Their design hasn’t changed very much. One of those classic designs that can’t be made better. The spring peg today is more commonly known as the Sunshine peg, usually bright yellow and made of plastic.

Below are my versions of the dolly peg made from recycled rimu from the floor of the building where I have my studio. These were version 2 of my pegs



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