MJW 2107 – Handshake at the Messe

A quick snap shot of the setup process.

After more than a month back I am finally beginning to get through the jewellery hangover that followed from exposure in March.


Centre of Munich – Glockenspiel


Looking out at the hall – Talente right opposite


Ladder line


Tool table


Lighting dilemma – after some wobbly trials these were edited out

IMG_20170307_053946_206 (1)

Card board table constructions – complete with colour palette inspired by this website


Typography of pins – these were made by Kelly for display of her work.


Tidying and touching up – Becky’s dowels for her geometric display


Finding placement – a line up of my work as we get close to completing setup


Handshake at the Messe – a bit of a blurry panorama of the booth.

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