the strangeness of things

For some time I have been taking the odd photo of the things that happen  to cross our kitchen table. Living with engineers, the table becomes a place of exchange where objects are traded between us or as a temporary residence for objects; between them having been one thing, like a raw material, and them becoming another, like a mechanism or part.

The ‘things’ generally have a function, and often this function is not obvious to me. Initially I am intrigued and drawn to them aesthetically, then find myself questioning their use value. With a new perspective, on any of these given objects, from firstly a naive one and then an informed one, it is from here that I put my own perspective and use value on it by taking it out of its intended context and putting it into a jewellery one.

On the other hand it helps me to look for known objects and mechanisms from outside of a jewellery context that I can use within my work


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