Ko ahau te Wai, Ko te Wai ko ahau.  I am the water and the water is me.

I became aware of my need for water whilst traveling overseas.

I was doing alot of walking around cities carrying and refilling my bottle along the way.

In Rome I discovered the many “nasoni” water fountains with fresh aquafier water free for all, Rome’s incredible social awareness in sharing this resource was a revelation to me. 

I came home and was full of enthusiasm for the fact we too had an amazing aquafier and water resource that was shared with our people. Only to find that it had been closed down due to e-coli contamination.

And so, my being churning with sadness and despair, I knew my next body of work had to be around these issues and that water would take centre stage.






Water as body, water is life, water as purifier, water as cleanser, water as ritual.

The sacredness of water.

Water personified.





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