when one thing ends another thing begins


Sarah Walker-Holt, Duality, Brooch Component, 2017
Acacia wood bowl, balsa wood, woodblock print, brass, plumbing fitting

There is a blurry area within the course of being a maker, a place where the jewellery is neither one thing nor the other, or belongs to either one place or another. I am fascinated with this space between; the space of process. Duality sits somewhere within my environment, making a piece of jewellery and it sitting on the body. The brooch component is not a literal reference to the environment it sits on, that inspired it, but a subjective one.

Sometimes I find myself standing on the outside of myself. It is like I am watching myself, watching what I am doing within my surroundings or watching a replay of a filmed recording of my own mind. Is it possible to show this vision to someone else? Similarly, Duality explores how I can transfer this externalised space to others, so they can gain an understanding, association or experience of it.


Duality, detail, Brooch and film still, 2017


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