POST MUNICH: Reflections part II, Handshake ‘Specials’ Exhibition

Curated by Peter Deckers Specials presented works by 27 artists, showcasing a selection of works from Handshake I and II as well as some new works and collaborative works between mentor/mentee.

The exhibiting artists were Debbie Adamson, Vanessa Arthur, Renee Bevan, Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, Kristin D’Agostino & Judy Darragh, Karren Dale, Gillian Deery, Sharon Fitness & Lisa Walker, Lisa Higgins, Tineke Jansen, Kelly McDonald, Julia Middleton, Jhana Millers & Suska Mackert, Neke Moa & Karl Fritsch, Amelia Pascoe, Sarah Read, Sarah Walker-Holt, Raewyn Walsh, Jessica Winchcombe & Warwick Freeman, Kathryn Yeats & Ben Pearce.

14 of these artists as well as Peter and Hilda and artist partners, friends, support crew were in Munich for the show.

The show was located in the beautiful Einsäulensaal, Munich Residenz Palace. A beautiful setting though also fairly challenging to work with both in terms of the rules/regulations regarding hanging and also because of its grande aesthetic. Peter and the team done a great job – the exhibition structures and setup looked great … Thank you Peter & Hilda for putting together a great show … (and to everyone else that was involved).

Images from the opening

Specials Show-6424

And of the show

my work at specials exhibition

And my work on show:
Renee Bevan, Premonition #1 (Schmuck 2015)2014. Part of an ongoing series of works in collaboration with psychic mediums.

final to kerry

final to renee

premonition part 3

schmuck rejection letter 15

I guess in some way she was right afterall … though not in Schmuck it did make it to Schmuck afterall.

To read more about the Handshake Specials Exhibition see Humphrey Tait’s blog post


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