Contemplating, disseminating, anticipating, excavating, razing, retaining, possessing, narrating, marking

Ben Pearce – Timber, Kathryn Yeats Objects, Brass, Wire

Kathryn Yeats – Timber, Ben Pearce Objects, Plaster Resin, Graphite, Linen, Paper

The process begins with letting go of things: experiments, materials and objects which haunt the studio.  It begins with making peace with the passing of time spent creating, contemplating, considering.

Anticipation as new things arrive to inhabit the void.  Uncovering layers, waiting, considering, digging into the new materials, excavating secrets.

Inclusion and exclusion, what to retain and what to raze.  Materials crack and fragment; old stories and new stories settle into each other.

There is tension in taking ownership of what exists, in creating space for the new voice.  Objects still carry the record of their past beneath their new façade.


Ben and I have started working on some collaborative pieces – these were the pieces we presented in Munich for the Specials exhibition, and which will be a starting point for our work for the exhibition at Objectspace in a few months.

We started by sending some pieces we had each made to each other as a starting material, to consider, to cut up, to allow something uncontrolled to be the starting point for our work.

These are our first iterations, and we are currently in the process of reviewing this and considering how it should develop for the Objectspace show.




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