The common t-shirt

I am excited to be working with Fran Allison for the collaboration . We have decided to chose a common material the “t-shirt” to use through out our  joint project. We both use textiles in our work and after a great discussion around this topic agree that it’s not always easy adding this material to finish work. So it’s quite funny that we both decided to work with the most used, cheapest, thrown away garment.


‘The t shirt in fashion for me equates to the bead in jewellery….I’m going to make beads from t shirts.’

After our first meeting we realised that for this to be a collaboration it needed to be equal and beneficial to our own personal practice to make it successful. So away we went to meet again in a couple of weeks with an object made from a t-shirt.

The outcome was so interesting. Completely different from each other. From here we talked about the why, how etc. We then decided to work on our weaknesses pulling from each other’s strengths .


‘How can the collaboration work best for us both?’

‘How do we do this collaboration and retain autonomy over our own practices?????’

‘We need some parameters…..the t shirt! we can collaboratively explore the t shirt and what it could be…’

‘What are the differences and strengths in our practices…I think then do more often than not, I need to have a concept…Nadene has a much more intuitive practice.

This is Frans piece she ended up finishing it to a high level and exhibited it as Masterworks.




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