video as metaphor

mataphors we live by

Excerpt from, Metaphors We Live By, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson

How do you communicate a moving image as metaphorical or do you need to?

From the small amount I have read so far, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson appear to indirectly discuss my question. The use of metaphors in the English language is automatically understood – we use them all the time and without even really realizing that we do. But I have this burning question that has been difficult to pertain; how can the viewer perceive a moving image as metaphorical and not just for what it is literally representing? Using moving image metaphorically, if like Lakoff and Johnson suggest; the way we think, what we experience and what we do every day are metaphors. I need to understand this more.

Below is one of my moving image experiments – but how do I communicate that it is a metaphor for process, without out literally telling people it is?

How important is it that it is communicated as metaphor? In the constructing and gathering of my videos, I wonder, can the videos induce a metaphor automatically from us instinctively relating our own experiences to it?


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