the visual field is a container

With the Objectspace show quickly approaching and mine and Helen’s objects ready and waiting, I thought I would revisit my findings around the subject of metaphors. Back in April, I threw up some questions about moving image being used and understood as one.

2016-06-29 14.26.17

I cannot pertain to completely understanding Lakoff and Johnson’s, Metaphors We Live By, but as I comprehend it, they are discussing metaphor in the context of language so most of it is irrelevant to my questions. But, in certain areas, they reference metaphor to the physical and in Chapter 12 ask a question I found relative to mine;

Are there concepts at all that are understood directly, without a metaphor?

And go on to state that,

In other words, the structure of our concepts emerges from our spatial experience, that is, interaction with the physical environment, concepts that emerge in this way are concepts that we live by in the most fundamental way.

This has helped me to understand that our most basic of physical experiences help us to interpret something that is outside of our personal experience or its original context and gain an association that aids our comprehension. Although everyone that views mine and Helen’s moving images in the Objectspace show may not have personally experienced the combination of actions they see, they will have experienced another form of those actions, likewise to our association of them to making jewellery.

 The visual field is a container







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