Collaboration coffee and catch up #2

Back in April…….

DAdamson and NShanley eat cake

Emails have been exchanged, slightly nervous phone calls made, shuffling feet and fidgeting digits are abound.

This was supposed to be the first weekend where we had a book like creature in our hands to play with – something physical to contemplate, work on, draw, cut, fold and rearrange. As it is, there has been a bit of a hold up and we are left to our own devices. We make lists, small drawings, pencil things into calendars, look at the workshop and start talking about future projects.

Conversations get recorded for the archive – could this be another project? A soundtrack of words rearranged?  Rhythm like the sound of a hammer or the slap of clay. Lets write that down but not get too distracted.

There are alot of choices to be made.

Will the book have an introduction, do we put in a conclusion, or should we leave it raw? What kind of design and finish appeals to us and makes sense with the content? What will the audience take away (physically or conceptually)? How much do we want to control the final outcome?

Aaron Beehre at Ilam Press has been working with us on the production of the book and it’s now obvious to us both that he has become a third collaborator on this project. For the first draft we have supplied the material to him in quite a basic form, so at least the initial layout decisions will be made entirely by him.

We work on some other questions, email Aaron and arrange a catch up for the following week.

Plan in hand, lunch seems to be the obvious conclusion.


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