‘We ask that you to loan a jewellery item/object to the Gallery for the duration of the exhibition. We also ask that you share a small story pertaining to the piece. The story could be a small narrative/experience relating to the piece, its history, how you received it, its personal significance… this would be entirely up to you.’


Some stories I heard years ago; like that of Mary’s and the locket belonging to her grandfather. Its a story I have never forgotten.

Others I discovered in the process; unknown to me who I may encounter, what I may find, what stories would be given.

Then there were those stories partly known but not wanted to be talked about. “The Prime Minister will not be available to participate, however he wishes you well with the project.’ This turned into a story in itself.

And those we will never know. Sir Michael Hill: No reply. Mobil, Ponsonby Rd: “No, sorry I don’t think anyone here is really interested”.

And what about the stories that continue to walk the streets, sit on our mantelpiece, decorate our homes; the ones we did not encounter. Stories that sit with you the reader now, the objects and stories belonging to the people in the room …


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