Find the line

It’s a week away from the opening at Objectspace. By now everyone has their work complete, sent to the gallery, and the team in Auckland are putting together the presentation details, including writing for the reader which will accompany the show.

Having spent the last three months immersed in the exchange of words, images and drawings with Nichola, we have now arrived at the outcome, a small edition of two books (one of which is a blank work book for our future projects), and I have a brief chance to reflect on the process before it goes out to the world.

HS3.1 DAdamson NShanley_Reader image 5_landscape copy

I realise now that what we have put together is a collection of thoughts, an archive of sorts, in physical format, and am reminded of this video on Rachel Whiteread I saw a little while ago.

Image sourced from video: Rachel Whiteread Drawings, in conjunction with a show of the same name at the Tate Briton in 2011.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.03.50 PM



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