Work by the hand, this the latest of my work that was exhibited at QUOIL in Wellington, a continuation of the work that was made for Platina.  Mauri stones has grown and developed..each with a story, held in the hand and contemplated.


This story of Ika (fish) the Moana(sea) and sustainability.  We are an Island in the Pacific surrounded by the Ocean, the Pacific Ocean the largest on the planet, a great blue expanse full of life and diversity.  These pieces are solid, sculptural and strong.


Some of the work is displayed on an ancient map of Oceania, China and the Pacific.  Recurring themes and the pieces imposing on the landscape.

There is subtlety in the work, hints in form and shape as to their significance, their meanings.  As objects and worn pieces they can be veiwed in different levels.  This has kept my interest and my desire to explore this juxstaposition with my work.

I had an interveiw with AJF that has helped to express my ideas and enabled me to contextualised some of my ideas into writing which is one of the hardest things I do with my art practice.

Here is the link, well worth a read..It took a while to put out there but has helped me to even understand what I am on about!!

nga mihi



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