Piles of plastic

For a while now, I have been accumulating dust, shavings, and off cuts of plastic in my studio.

It started with a project where I used lino tools to carve texture into the surface of some vinyl and couldn’t bring myself to throw away the neat pile of gratings caught in my bench cloth. I brushed it into a jar which sat on the shelf, survived three shifts of workshop, and was soon accompanied by a collection of other containers storing matter of similar provenance.

Almost as if they were silver or gold, I would brush the detritus leftover from projects  – the filings, dust from sawing and so on – into yet another container for safe keeping, perhaps in anticipation of some future value.


05122016_dadamson-photgraph_making-shavings-for-dustWhat to do with all this matter? This was a starting point for my most recent project, the series of brooches that featured in HS3 at Platina gallery in September.


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