Handshake3, The Frame Galleries, Handwerkmesse, Munich, 2017. ‘History undisclosed’.

Every object has a story to tell, one often formed through human interaction. All objects have a life; some moving from hand to hand; others traveling like nomads. Some objects are loved; others lost, homeless, discarded.

Some objects stay, remaining with their owner throughout the owner’s life. In such a case, for each, there is a relationship, a bond. Such objects often continue living beyond the life of the owner; through families, relatives; though the relationship between the object and its new owner is different; sometimes for better, sometimes worse; at times indifferent.

Each of these objects, each story, speaks; be it of commitment, trouble, comfort, hope, hate, anger, love …

History undisclosed tells the fate of one object. It’s story; we will never know. ‘Things are in the saddle and ride mankind’. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

sml police ring mid shotPolice text only

small version police auction work image 1

Renee Bevan, History undisclosed, 2016

History undisclosed, 2016, finds itself having a second showing at Handshake3, The Frame Galleries, Handwerkmesse, Munich; part of Schmuck week, 8-14th March 2017.


Handshake3, The Frame Galleries, Handwerkmesse, Munich, 2017. (Renee Bevan, History Undisclosed, pictured far left)


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